Search the directory here to find a convenient location near you. You can see if they take your materials, but keep in mind that the situation is changing rapidly and the requests in this directory may have changed. If possible, contact the location to confirm what they are accepting at this time.

Complete the form here and provide the relevant information. It will be reviewed and posted to the directory.

Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers is “specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials.” 

  • protective masks
  • N95 respirators
  • face-shields
  • gloves
  • gowns
  • other items. 

This protective equipment helps to prevent human contact with the virus by creating a physical barrier between the worker and a patient, surface or the air. The shortfall in PPE caused by COVID-19 is staggering. Numbers range in the billions worldwide. Our frontline healthcare workers provide life-saving care for us, let’s work together to provide lifesaving equipment for them.

Please post, share and like the PPE Donation Directory information with people in your network and beyond!

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The PPE Donation Directory is a volunteer project created by TESSA Multi-Surface Marketing and Technology to help fill the need for a comprehensive PPE donations directory. 

TESSA President Kevin Callen’s experience creating the nationwide disaster response logistics software for the Strategic National Stockpile inspired and informed the development of the PPE Donation Directory. TESSA, along with partners Apertures Design, BrandPlanet, Slable and SCS Engineers, are donating all work required to stand up the site. The PPE Donation Directory is being developed and managed by TESSA.

By setting up an SEO-friendly directory, our goal is to reach additional audiences that hospital websites and existing PPE donation directories may not. All work is done by volunteers at established marketing, design, technology and engineering companies. We are asking other directories that list where to donate PPE to use our database and share their database. The more we get the needs of healthcare workers to their local communities, the easier it will be for that community to donate PPE.

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